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Welcome to Norman Natural Horsemanship.†

Cindy Norman teaches horsemanship to humans and develops horses using natural horsemanship methods.†

At Norman Natural Horsemanship Cindy uses the horseís natural instincts and herd behaviors to get him or her to willingly do what humans desire without unnecessary, and often more severe, mechanical means.†

This means that you become a better horseperson by learning to use less predatory actions and more herd leadership skills to create trust, respect and confidence with your equine partner.

All equine breeds and riding disciplines benefit from the training and development taught at Norman Natural Horsemanship. The focus at NNH is on the human, the horse and the relationship between the two of you.

Welcome again! Please come back often.† Itís your journey, enjoy the ride!

Norman Natural Horsemanship

Itís your journey, enjoy the ride.

†††† E-mail: cindy@riverhorserun.com

† Phone (904) 545-3970


As featured on the cover of Old City Life Magazine. Click below for story on page 24.